Agenesis of #12 and #22 treated by means of dental implants

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Edition V07N01 | Year 2013 | Editorial Imagens na Ortodontia | Pages 52 to 53

Dario Augusto Oliveira Miranda, Marcos Barreto regis

A 14-year-old female patient arrived at the clinic, presenting with agenesis of #12 and #22 teeth. Orthodontic treatment was performed with the purpose of improving esthetics and function. When the patient turned 23, she underwent implant placement surgery. As the area where #12 and #22 teeth were showed ridge resorption, alveolar expansion was performed in order to allow a implant with external hexagon to be placed at the ideal tridimensional position. Connective tissue graft was also performed. Custom abutments and zirconia crowns were made with porcelain application. The photograph shows a 12-year follow-up: dental proportions and the interface between the soft tissue and the prosthesis in the implant region are worth noting.

Miranda DAO, Regis MB. Agenesis of #12 and #22 treated by means of dental implants. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 Jan- -Mar;7(1):52-3.

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