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Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Cartas | Pages 40 to 42

Dario Augusto Oliveira Miranda

This is a special opportunity in Dentistry to expand our horizons and for scientists and clinicians to undertake exploration of the future on issues of bioengineering, growth and differentiation factors. In the past, some scientists were accused of providing a futuristic vision of the clinical impact on the biological and technological advances under the perspective of their specialties. This reminds me when I, a freshman at the college of Dentistry, heard a global specialist in Cardiology, telling us that we had made a mistake in choosing Dentistry as a profession, because within 18 months, the market would have a vaccine for caries. I suggest that each one treasure the information that will get today, as I should have done at that time based on what I heard. This is related to the need of pre-marketing research on new products. In the early osseintegration, much time was spent before there were changes in the products. Contemporary system reversed the process in a way that new products are routinely available to the professional with an inadequate investigation. It is often asked to dental professionals to use new devices and report the success of their treatment results without having informed the patient about researches including them. This is an unscientific approach that does not bring anything good to the implantologist.

Miranda DAO. A Bioengenharia. Dental Press Implantol.
2012 Jan-Mar;6(1):40-2.

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