Hypercementosis and increased cementum thickness over the age: Clinical implications and meanings

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Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Expedientelicações e Aplicações | Pages 20 to 32

Alberto Consolaro, Renata B, Consolaro, Leda A, Francischone

A very common alteration that raises many questions about its etiopathogenesis and meaning is the hypercementosis. The pertinent literature is reduced and cementum represents the less studied dental tissue, and even its reactivity level under stimulation and aggression is ignored. Cementum thickness and structure change overtime. It must be noticed the difference between cementum thickness increase and hypercementosis. In hypercementosis there is an excessive formation of cementum beyond the limit necessary to allow its regular functions, with macroscopic root shape alteration, specially regarding to its diameter. Each hypercementosis type has different meanings: How to understand them when planning and/or on treatment follow-up? From a biological point of view, must a special care be taken while setting an implant in the neighborhood of a tooth with hypercementosis? To help answering these questions and at once collaborate to more secure hypercementosis diagnoses, appreciating its clinical and biological meaning, we have set ourselves out to reanalyze the literature and a sample studied over the years in papers, dissertations and thesis.

Cementum, Hypercementosis, Dental root,

Consolaro A, Consolaro RB, Francischone LA. Hipercementose e aumento da espessura do cemento com a idade: implicações clínicas e significados. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Jan-Mar;6(1):20-32.

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