Implant-retained overdenture with immediate loading: the experience of an extension program project

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Edition V08N02 | Year 2014 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 51 to 62

José Augusto César Discacciati, Marcela Carolina Nunes de Souza Rodrigues, Natália Mendes de Matos Cardoso, Priscilla Alves de Aquino, Célio Soares de Oliveira júnior, Sérgio Carvalho Costa, Maria Carmen Fonseca Serpa Carvalho

Objective: The aim of this study is to report the experience and results of a university extension program project which proposes to rehabilitate low-income patients with severely compromised dentition, using immediate complete dentures (ICD) for the upper arch and overdenture supported by two immediatly loaded implants on the lower jaw. Methods: Forty-two patients were selected for the study. In three cases, primary locking was not consistent with the procedure of implant immediate loading. In these patients, the prostheses were captured in a conventional manner after osseointegration. A total of 39 patients received overdenture with immediate loading. Three of them suffered early loss of one of the implants, all in the first month after the procedure. Implants that had been lost were recaptured and replaced three months later. A total of 36 patients completed the period of osseointegration without any implant loss. Patients were periodically evaluated. he oldest cases reached 36 months of follow-up, whereas the newest one was 6 months under control. Results: By the time of the latest reviews, no further loss of implants was observed. he survival rate was 96.15%, i.e., only 3 out of 78 implants were lost after immediate loading. Conclusion: he project is highly satisfactory in terms of esthetic and functional results. Additionally, it provides significant improvements in quality of life of the assisted population.

Tooth extraction, Immediate complete denture, Immediate loading, Mastication, Esthetics, Quality of life,

Discacciati JAC, Rodrigues MCNS, Cardoso NMM, Aquino PA, Oliveira Júnior CS, Costa SC, Carvalho MCFS. Implant-retained overdentures with immediate loading: the experience of an extension program project . Dental Press Implantol. 2014 Apr-June;8(2):51-62.

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