Esthetic excellence in Implantology: The trinomial era

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Edition V07N01 | Year 2013 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 54 to 70

Carlos Eduardo Francischone, Renato Savi de Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Francischone Jr

Esthetic advances resulting from the use of dental implants have been some of the major reasons why patients and dentists prefer treatments with implants.
Primarily designed and developed for safe anchorage of prostheses without esthetic concerns, this type of treatment gained larger acceptance when its purpose became the replacement of teeth in areas with great esthetic demands. Recent advances in implant and abutment designs and appearance, as well as the improvement of new ceramic systems, have been fundamental factors in such acceptance. These factors have undoubtedly aggregated esthetic excellence to the treatments with implant-supported prostheses. Therefore, the aim of beautiful prosthetic crowns on adequately placed implants has become feasible and predictable in our daily clinical practice. As a result, the following question is raised: What is the main challenge in implant-supported prosthetic treatments? The answer seems to lie beyond the crown-implant pair.

Francischone CE, Carvalho RS, Francischone Jr. CE. Esthetic excellence in Implantology: The trinomial era. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 Jan-Mar;7(1):54-70.

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