Presentation of a model of periodontal clinical record

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N02 | Year 2012 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 92 to 103

João Carnio, Simone Valenga, Fernanda Akemi Nakanishi Ito, Marcel Rodrigo Fuganti

Introduction: The clinic form is an essential tool for the execution of any periodontal procedure. Its finality is to obtain and record as much information as possible about the patient’s general and oral state of health, besides storing records of all executed procedures since initial appointment until the treatment conclusion.
Objective: The purpose of this work is to emphasize the importance of the periodontal clinic form and propose a guidance model for professionals and institutions on the elaboration of their own clinical forms.
Methods: Through the analysis of the data contained on clinical forms of several institutions and study of the main articles related to the subject it was created an specific model of clinical form for Periodontics.

Clinic form, Periodontics, Periodontitis, Data analysis,

Carnio J, Valenga S, Ito FAN, Fuganti MR. Presentation of a model of periodontal clinical record. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Apr- -June;6(2):92-103.

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