Esthetic prosthetic resolution in Morse Taper platform

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Edition V07N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Artigo de Revisão | Pages 22 to 29

Thamires Maria Molon, Saulo Pamato, Jefferson Ricardo Pereira

The issues arising from tooth loss in esthetic zones have been the subject of intense scientific dedication and clinical commitment of which purpose is to achieve favorable mechanical and esthetic stability. The advent of osseointegrated dental implants has satisfied the need for mechanical support; however, cervical bone remodeling around implants with conventional platform may significantly compromise the maintenance of peri-implant tissues, causing serious esthetic injuries. The purpose of Morse Taper implant placement goes beyond the current evolutionary trend in Implantology. It provides maintenance of peri-implant tissue characteristics and facilitates esthetic prosthesis design, thus allowing an ideal emergence profile and a natural and harmonious relationship with surrounding tissues to be achieved during the entire therapeutic process. Therefore, this literature review aims at presenting the characteristics that confer a high rate of success and longevity to prosthetic parts, ensuring greater predictability of maintenance in prosthetic rehabilitation.

Morse Taper dental implant-abutment connection, Dental prosthesis,

Molon TM, Pamato S, Pereira JR. Esthetic prosthetic resolution in Cone Morse platform. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 July-Sept;7(3):22-9.

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