Cement-retained versus screw-retained dental prostheses: Literature review

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Edition V07N02 | Year 2013 | Editorial Artigo de Revisão | Pages 39 to 48

Roberta Eloisa Scur, Jefferson Ricardo Pereira, Jefferson Tomio Sanada

Due to the advancement of research related to osseointegration, Implantology has become a treatment with satisfactory prognostic in Dentistry. However, in order to achieve more lasting success in prosthetic work, it is very important to choose the proper type of retention of the prosthesis, whether it is cement-retained or screw-retained. The present study consists of a literature review on the subject concerning cement-retained prosthesis as opposed to the screw-retained ones, addressing their advantages and disadvantages, and issues such as aesthetics, passivity, reversibility, retention, and occlusal aspects. The choice between screw-retained or cement-retained prosthesis is of interest to the professional, as it will contribute to the long term success of treatment.

Cement-retained prosthesis, Screw-retained prosthesis, Reversibility, Passivity, Occlusal aspects,

Scur RE, Pereira JR, Sanada JT. Cement-retained versus screw-retained dental prostheses: Literature review. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 Apr-June;7(2):39-48.

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