Zirconia dental implants: An alternative for today or for the future? (Part II)

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Edition V06N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Artigo de Revisão | Pages 114 to 124

Celso João Hochscheidt, Edson Durval Menezes Alves, Luiz Antônio Bastos Bernardes, Margareth Luz Hochscheidt, Regina Célia Hochscheidt

Introduction: Recent research suggests that titanium (Ti) dental implants may have more side effects than previously believed. In addition to the fact that metals compromise esthetics, emerging technologies involving zirconia (Zr) ceramics were recently introduced in dentistry, which are proving as effective as Ti, but in metal-free rehabilitation. The clinical/histological outcomes of ceramics (ZrO2), driven by the awareness of patients seeking esthetics without metals, have increased their demand.
Objective: To find a viable alternative to Ti implants and identify the ceramic systems amenable to use by humans, taking into account biocompatibility and longevity, while pointing out their advantages and disadvantages.
Methods: Extensive and detailed literature review.
Conclusions: Although ISO standards need to be reviewed, it has been found that zirconia (Y-TZP) dental implants show a promising future. Zirconia increases the longevity of oral rehabilitation given its diminished bacterial adhesion. The following Zr implant systems were found in the studies: CeraRoot, Sigma, Z-Systems, Ziterion Zit-Z, Easy-Kon, Zeramex, White Sky, Denti Circon Implants, Zimplant-Biosyr, Omnis-Creamed, White Implants and Ziraldent. Among the disadvantages are a high production cost, the need for protectors during healing, and potential hydrothermal degradation of the material. Based on international scientific publications, it was concluded that Zr (Y-TZP) dental implants are now a viable substitute for Ti, although not yet recommended for routine clinical practice.

Osseointegration, Allergy and immunology, Biomedical materials, Materials test, Dental Implants, Experimental implants,

Hochscheidt CJ, Alves EDM, Bernardes LAB, Hochscheidt ML, Hochscheidt RC. Zirconia dental implants: An alternative for today or for the future? (Part II). Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Oct-Dec;6(4):114-24.

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