Replacement of ceramic laminates veneers after biologic, adhesive and aesthetic failure: case report

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Edition V17N02 | Year 2020 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 32 to 46

Mayara dos Santos Noronha, Daylana Pacheco da-Silva, Eduardo Fernandes de-Castro, Carlos Alberto Carone, Vanessa Cavalli Gobbo, Marcelo Giannini

Ceramic laminated veneers (CLV) are ultraconservative indirect aesthetic restorations that requires minimal or no enamel preparation with minimum thickness (ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 mm). They are capable of reproducing the aspects of the natural teeth and their clinical longevity is greatly determined by the bond strength formed among the triad: tooth surface, luting cement and porcelain veneers. Therefore, this clinical case reports the replacements of unsatisfactory ceramic laminates after 7 years of clinical service. Initially, photograph documentation were taken and impressions were provided to perform the planning, diagnostic waxup and mock up. After patients consent, the old CLV were removed and teeth were prepared with minimal invasive technique, followed by impression with addition silicon. Lithium Dissilicate CLV were confectioned in laboratory and cemented. The proximal and cervical adaptation were previously checked, the relationship with periodontal tissues, asymmetries and the shade of the resin cement using the try-in resin cement. The surface of teeth and laminates veneers were treated before cementation, and fixed with a light-cure resin cement. The excess cement was removed with a disposable brush and each surface was light activated for 40 seconds using LED lightcuring unit. Occlusal contacts, protrusive and lateral movements were checked. The success of rehabilitation treatment with ultraconservative ceramic laminates requires meticulous and multidisciplinary planning. The knowledge, observation and application of aesthetic, functional and biological criteria are essentials to achieve the longevity of rehabilitation

Tooth Preparation. Dental Veneers. Ceramics. Rehabilitation.

Noronha MDS, da-Silva DP, de-Castro EF, Carone CA, Gobbo VC, Giannini M. Replacement of ceramic laminates veneers after biologic, adhesive and aesthetic failure: case report. J Clin Dent Res. 2020 May-Aug;17(2):32-46.

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