Milena Cadenaro

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N01 | Year 2020 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 8 to 8

Marcelo Giannini e Eduardo Moreira da Silva

MILENA CADENARO, GRADUATED IN DENTISTRY AND DOCTORATE IN MATERIALS Science in University of Trieste, Italy. Associate Professor in Dental Materials and Pediatric Denstistry of Department of Medical Science, University of Trieste, Italy. Director of the Specialization Course in Pediatric Dentistry and Faculty member of the PhD in Nanotechnology of University of Trieste, Italy. Director of the Dental Clinic in Children’s Hospital of Trieste, Italy. Member of Academy of Dental Materials, Ex-director of Content and member of ADM Board. She is the author of several publications of dental materials in international scientific journals and speaker at national and international meetings.

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