Thiago Ottoboni

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N01 | Year 2020 | Editorial Instagram Nu e Cru | Pages 180 to 189

Thiago Ottoboni

Welcome! First, I would like to send you our warm embrace in this very difficult moment the whole humanity is going through. A situation never experienced before, when we are all aware of what we are learning to be a better human being as soon as this is all over. I, for example, have learned a lot and keep learning everyday, and I now, more than before, value the simplest and most humane things in our lives and families (and, pardon my language, &#%! the rest). Today we bring you one more column about General Dentistry, with no fake news, no deceitful image manipulations, and no generalizations. We try to bring you, our reader, simple and real content after validation by the editorial board of our journal. The cases presented this time are also similar to the ones you have very likely seen before, as they are routine procedures in a dental clinic. A good photo makes us improve and be able to see the details and defects of our work, to understand and change important details and, from a marketing point of view, to amaze our clients, as we bring “before” and “after” photos of treatments, so that our clients understand how we can improve their smile. Enjoy your reading, and see you stronger and more resilient next time, God willing.

Ottoboni T. Instagram: naked and raw. J Clin Dent Res. 2020 Jan-Apr;17(1):180-9.

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