The relevance of maintaining the dental arch length for good aesthetic results

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Edition V15N01 | Year 2018 | Editorial Artigo Original | Pages 73 to 85

Mauricio Egüez Zabala, Rachel Furquim Marson, Bruno D’Aurea Furquim, Laurindo Zanco Furquim

Introduction: The management of tooth agenesis may be accomplished through space opening or closure. Long term stability and biological compatibility of final outcomes are the main advantages of the aesthetic closure of such spaces. Objective: this paper aimed at presenting a clinical case report in which dental arch length was maintained after space closure. The approach allowed for an adequate facial profile in a young female patient presenting nine tooth agenesis, treated with a simple and reproducible mechanics, coupled with ceramic veneers restorative treatment. Conclusion: space closure in multiple agenesis cases establishes normality throughout an important character building phase of young individuals lives. With and adequate technique, space closure does not jeopardize the position of upper or lower incisors, leading to a normal incisal guidance as well as to the maintenance of the dental arch length.

Anodontia, Aesthetics, Tooth movement techniques,

Zabala ME, Marson RF, Furquim BD, Furquim LZ. The relevance of maintaining the dental arch length for good aesthetic results. J Clin Dent Res. 2018 Jan-Mar;15(1):73-85. DOI:

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