Evaluation of mechanical properties of composite resins with shelf life expired. First test: volumetric shinkrage

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Edition V14N04 | Year 2017 | Editorial Artigo Original | Pages 67 to 73

Rafael Avellar de Carvalho Nunes, Diogo Pedrollo Lise

Objective: To evaluate the volumetric shrinkage of different brands of composite resin 6 months after the expiration date, using a video/imaging system (Acuvol, Bisco). Methods: Composite resin increments of approximately 15μL were placed on a teflon pedestal and the initial sample perimeter was checked. After resting for 3 min, the increments were light cured and the perimeter was checked through the video/imaging and a computer software, before and after light-curing. The difference between both measurements was calculated to achieve the volumetric shrinkage percentage. Results: The mean volumetric percentage values were 2.8% for Group I, 2.66% for Group II, 2.56% for Group III, 2.58% for Group IV, 2.3% for Group V, and 2.26% for Group VI. After statistical analysis using Student t test, no significant differences were found between the groups. Conclusion: It was concluded that the volumetric shrinkage of the composites tested does not change 6 months after the expiration date.

Dental materials, Date of validity of products, Dental restoration, permanent,

Nunes RAC, Lise DP. Evaluation of mechanical properties of composite resins with shelf life expired.First test: volumetric shinkrage. J Clin Dent Res. 2017 Oct-Dec;14(4):67-73. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/2447-911x.14.4.067-073.oar

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