Digital dentistry: transforming smiles using CAD/CAM technology

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N02 | Year 2017 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 109 to 117

Frederico M, Lima dos Santos, Marcelo Serra, Fábio Cabral, Wagner Nhoncance, Marko Túlhio de Souza N, Bessa, Sandro Souza, Josias Santana da Silva, Luis Calicchio, Marcelo Moreira, Marcelo Kyrillos, Gustavo Giordani

Abstract: The relentless quest for perfection and naturalness has always been the goal of all dentists and technicians. The enormous complexity in replicating a tooth with all its intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics as well as macro and microtextures is a challenge to be overcome. Performing a restoration on a previous tooth, when it does not obey all these particularities, proves to be unsatisfactory as far as naturalness is concerned. It should allow to recreate the textures, light reflection and deflection surfaces, convexities and concavities. Thus, to achieve a result of excellence, hours of highly qualified technical training are needed, which demands a lot of time and cost. The solution for these obstacles was only possible through the union of technique and technology, and the SKIN concept was born. Accuracy, detail and predictability have become something totally attainable and replicable, thus reducing case conclusion time with the CAD/CAM system. Treatments became less and less dependent on human ability.

Digital, CAD/CAM, SKIN technique, Preparation, Ceramic laminate,

Santos FML, Serra M, Cabral F, Nhoncance W, Bessa MTSN, Souza S, Silva JS, Calicchio L, Moreira M, Kyrillos M, Giordani G. Digital dentistry: transforming smiles using CAD/CAM technology. J Clin Dent Res. 2017 Apr-June;14(2):109-17. DOI:

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