Hidden caries: updated occlusal replica technique

Admin Dental Press

Edition V13N03 | Year 2016 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 90 to 90

Daniel Alexandre Menezes Pedrosa Malta, Luiz Narciso Baratieri, Sylvio Monteiro-Junior

Introduction: This paper presents a creative alternative to restore function and esthetics of a tooth with hidden caries. A bis-acrylic resin occlusal replica was manufactured prior to preparation. The composite resin restoration was quickly manufactured using this replica, preserving the original anatomic shape of the occlusal surface. The step-by-step treatment procedures are presented, from the clinical diagnosis to replica manufacturing, carious tissue removal, composite resin placement, staining and finishing. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed based on the protocols reported in the literature. The bis-acrylic resin occlusal replica allows for the accurate replication of the original anatomical surface, in addition to speeding up the esthetic restorative procedure. The technique should also reduce the incidence of premature contacts and the risk of under- or overcontouring

Dental caries, Composite resins, Permanent dental restoration,

Malta DAMP, Baratieri LN, Monteiro-Junior S. Hidden caries: updated occlusal replica technique. J Clin Dent Res. 2016 Jul-Sep;13(3):90-107. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2447-911x.13.3.090-107.oar

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