Restoration of esthetic harmony in anterior teeth: a multidisciplinary approach

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Edition V13N02 | Year 2016 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 50 to 58

Felipe de Brum Ricardi, Virgínia Bosquiroli, Veridiana Camilotti, Alexandre Marcos Bandeira e Natalindo Satio Inagaki

Introduction: Fracture of anterior teeth may lead to loss of masticatory function, migration of teeth, damage to adjacent tissues, esthetic and speech impairment, as well as psychologically effects to the patients, interfering in their social life. Anterior teeth fracture often occurs in children and adolescents. Rehabilitation of fractured anterior teeth aims at reestablishing esthetics and recovering function. Objective: The aim of this study was to present, by means of a case report, the esthetic and functional rehabilitation of a tooth #11 affected by fracture. Case report: To this end, anamnesis, clinical and radiographic examination, multidisciplinary planning including orthodontic, endodontic and Restorative Dentistry procedures were performed. Subsequently, diagnostic wax-up was carried out to assist the restorative procedure and correct mild crowding involving the fractured tooth. Radiographic examination revealed loss of root dentin; therefore, endodontic treatment was performed, followed by root strengthening and cementation of a glass fiber post. Restoration was carried out with Empress Direct and Creative Color composite resins, so as to standardize the color, with tooth #21 as reference. Finishing and polishing procedures were carried out with Soft Lex discs a week after the restoration. Results: By the end of treatment, the outcomes of direct restoration were satisfactory, and the importance of each step to successful treatment should be highlighted. Conclusion: Thus, it can be concluded that with adequate and multidisciplinary planning, it was possible to restore patient’s esthetics and function of the fractured tooth.

Root caries, Pulp necrosis, Dental trauma, Tooth fracture,

Ricardi FB, Bosquiroli V, Camilotti V, Bandeira AM, Inagaki NS. Restoration of esthetic harmony in anterior teeth: a multidisciplinary approach. J Clin Dent Res. 2016 Apr-June;13(2):50-8. DOI:

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