Conservative esthetics using IPS e.max Press Impulse system: a case report

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Edition V12N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Relato de Caso | Pages 84 to 93

Marcia de Almeida Durão, José Euripedes de Oliveira, Maria Thayná do Nascimento Macedo, Rodivan Braz

Esthetics has gained considerable value in Dentistry and, for this reason, has posed many challenges to the general clinician, particularly regarding the several types of material and techniques that can be used for the restoration of anterior teeth. Currently, we are able to perform more conservative treatment capable of restoring esthetics and function. Considering these parameters, the use of ceramic laminate/fragmented venners has become a widely used technique. However, the professional should be attentive to the correct diagnosis, indication and proper planning. In addition, he must select the material according to its properties and optical characteristics, in order to mimic tooth structure, while also considering its limitations. The clinical case described herein is of a female, 25-year-old patient unsatisfied with her esthetics due to excessive wear of maxillary anterior teeth, which caused incorrect height/width and occlusal plane proportions. Esthetic crown increase through the use of ceramic laminate veneers was proposed and accepted by the patient. To this end, the restorative material of choice was IPS e.max Press Impulse System (Ivoclar Vivadent), a lithium disilicate-based material. By providing three different shades of value and two opalescent shades, this ceramic has excellent and accordant performance in esthetic and functional rehabilitation of the smile. Upon treatment completion, the patient showed great satisfaction, self-esteem and confidence.

Dental esthetics, Dental enamel, Dental veneers,

Durão MA, Oliveria JE, Macedo MTN, Braz R. Estética conservadora utilizando sistema IPS e.max Press Impulse: relato de caso. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jul-set;12(3):84-93.

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