Replacement of metal-ceramic crowns in vital conoid lateral incisors: case report

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Edition V12N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Relato de Caso | Pages 71 to 83

Antonio Setsuo Sakamoto Junior, Cristian Higashi, João Carlos Gomes

In the last decades, there has been great improvement in aesthetic restorative material — e.g.: ceramic system —, as well as procedures carried out with metal structures. In the past, dental technology was limited in terms of ceramic manufacturing and adhesion procedures. At present, patients are more demanding, knowledgeable and do not seek dental care only when dental problems, such as caries or pain, arise. Recently, there has been a large demand for cosmetic dental procedures. In oral health, there are different treatment options for a single problem, as it is the case of conoid teeth, and clinical success can be achieved by different means, depending on the type of treatment offered by the clinician, his academic training, as well as knowledge of techniques and restorative material, whether direct or indirect. Thus, clinicians should be in constant update in order to know when and where to use the most appropriated types of material. Thus, this study reports a case of replacement of metal-ceramic crowns by metal-free prostheses in two conoid lateral incisors. The crowns had been manufactures almost 30 years ago.

Dental esthetics, Incisor, Dental prosthesis, Ceramics, Resin cements, Tooth abnormalities,

Sakamoto Junior AS, Higashi C, Gomes JC. Substituição de coroas totais metalocerâmicas em incisivos laterais conoides vitais: relato de caso clínico. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jul-set;12(3):71-83.

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