Treatment of angular cheilitis: a clinical case report

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Edition V12N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Relato de Caso | Pages 48 to 53

Ana Paula Bernardes da Rosa, Taylane Soffener Berlanga de Araújo, Thailane Dantas Freitas, Meila Rocha Martinho Fenti, Igor Mariotto Beneti

Angular cheilitis is an inflammatory process established at the corner of the mouth, on one or both sides, which is characterized by edema, crusts, erosion and fissures. It may be caused by several factors, requiring not only detailed clinical examination, for identification of changes in occlusion as well as other signs of nutritional or immune alterations, but also bacterial and mycological examination of the lesion, which may help on a clear diagnostic and treatment of choice. Thus, the present study aimed at conducting a literature review with a view to scientifically upholding clinical treatment performed in a case of angular cheilitis. During treatment, it is mandatory to eliminate the causing factors of angular cheilitis by keeping hygiene and adequate disinfection of dental prostheses, which are potential sources of contamination, thereby avoiding relapse.

Cheilitis, Vertical dimension, Soft tissue injuries,

Rosa APB, Araújo TSB, Freitas TD, Fenti MRM, Beneti IM. Tratamento de queilite angular: relato de caso clínico. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jul-set;12(3):48-53.

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