Enamel microabrasion to remove fluorosis stains: a case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V12N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Relato de Caso | Pages 102 to 109

Safira Marques de Aandrade e Silva, Rafael de Carvalho Sampaio, Queila Emille Santos de Oliveira, Carolina Baptista Miranda

Objective: The aim of this case report was to demonstrate the enamel microabrasion technique in a patient with fluorosis stains. Methods: Five applications of the abrasive material (1:1 of 37% phosphoric acid and pumice stone) on the affected areas were carried out with a silicone carbide at low speed for 10 seconds. Results: The results were the total removal of stains and irregularities. Conclusions: The technique was effective, allowing a favorable aesthetic result to be achieved and approved by the patient.

Dental fluorosis, Enamel microabrasion, Dental enamel hypoplasia,

Andrade e Silva SM, Sampaio RC, Oliveira QES, Miranda CB. Microabrasão do esmalte para remoção de manchas de fluorose dentária: relato de caso. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jul-set;12(3):102-9.

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