Aesthetic Personalized Matrix: ultraconservative and predictable approach to produce semi-direct composite veneers

Admin Dental Press

Edition V12N02 | Year 2015 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 99 to 110

Albano Luis Novaes Bueno, Yasmine Mendes Pupo, Fabiano de Oliveira Araujo, Márcio Kubitski

Several dental restorative materials are available to provide aesthetic improvements to the anterior and posterior teeth. However, some systems require complex and sensitive techniques. Aesthetic restorations may be performed conservatively with composite resin, often avoiding the more invasive and indirect techniques. This article describes a new ultraconservative and predictable approach, by use of an “aesthetic personalized matrix” (MEP), to prepare the semi-direct composite veneers. This new ultraconservative approach is appropriate for a general clinical setting, reproducing the anterior teeth by using a simplified method, thus resulting in a more harmonious and predictable fit to the smile.

Dental enamel, Dental veneers, Composite resins,

Bueno ALN, Pupo YM, Araujo FO, Kubitski M. Matriz Estética Personalizada (MEP): abordagem ultraconservadora e previsível para confecção de facetas semidiretas. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 abr-jun;12(2):99-110.

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