Effect of remineralizing therapies and polishing on human enamel surface roughness after bleaching

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Edition V12N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 89 to 95

Renata Carvalho Ficinski, Bruna Fortes Bittencourt, Stella G, Reinke, Osnara Maria Mongruel Gomes, Patricia Almeida Farhat

Objective / To assess human enamel surface roughness after bleaching and polishing procedures. / Methods / A total of 32 enamel specimens from the buccal surface of human third molars were analyzed in a digital rugosimeter (Ra parameter), in order to evaluate initial roughness values (IR). All specimens were submitted to bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide. Subsequently, enamel blocks were randomly divided into four groups: G1 = bleaching without polishing; G2 = felt discs and polishing paste; G3 = topical application of 2% neutral fluoride; and G4 = remineralizing agent with nano-hydroxyapatite. Final surface roughness (FR) of all specimens was reassessed 7 days after bleaching/polishing and remineralizing procedures. The specimens were stored in artificial saliva throughout the experiment. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and Tukey’s post-test ( = 0.05). / Results / Means and standard-deviation of IR were: G1= 0.026 (0.010); G2 = 0.020 (0.010); G3= 0.016 (0.008); G4 = 0.013 (0.003). FR values were: G1 = 0.053 (0.029); G2 = 0.027 (0.012); G3 = 0.022 (0.010); G4 = 0.024 (0.013); and after 7 days: G1 = 0.026 (0.010); G2 = 0.029 (0.012); G3 = 0.024 (0.011); G4 = 0.016 (0.005). / Conclusion / Bleaching altered enamel surface roughness; however, polishing and remineralizing procedures can minimize these effects. Nevertheless, after 7 days, all groups had surface roughness recovered.

Tooth bleaching, Topical fluorides, Hydrogen peroxide, Dental polishing, Surface properties,

Ficinski RC, Bittencourt BF, Reinke SG, Gomes OMM, Farhat PA. Efeito de terapias remineralizadoras e do polimento na rugosidade supericial de esmalte humano após clareamento. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jan-mar;12(1):89-95.

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