Shade matching in four steps

Admin Dental Press

Edition V12N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 70 to 80

Weber Adad Ricci, Maurício Meirelles Nagle, Ana Claúdia Gabrielli Piveta, Luiz Antonio Borelli Barros, Andréia Affonso Barretto Montadon

Shade matching in Dentistry has become one of the most important steps towards harmonizing esthetics. However, reproducibility of selection, especially among less experienced clinicians, is relatively low. Lack of knowledge about the color theory and an irrational approach to chromatic selection are the most prevalent factors. Would it be possible to adopt a simple and efective method for clinical practice? Based on aspects about the physiology of vision and color theory, a simple technique named “shade matching in four steps” was developed. he factors suggested were: 1) Dentin basal color; 2) Enamel basal color; 3) Analysis of value; and 4) Individual analysis of the tooth (characteristics) and restorative material (metamerism). his method is simple and accessible to all clinicians, and allows the use of a protocol with predictable results for esthetic treatment.

Color, Color perception, Prosthesis coloring, Biomimetics

Ricci WA, Nagle MM, Piveta ACG, Barros LAB, Montandon AAB. Seleção de cor em quatro passos. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jan-mar;12(1):70-80.

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