Restoring the smile using lithium disilicate veneers

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Edition V12N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 34 to 44

Ricardo Luiz Annibelli, Lísia Emi Nishimori, Giovani de Oliveira Corrêa, Cleverson de Oliveira da Silva, Patrícia Saram Progeante, Fabiano Carlos Marson

Of the many types of dental material most suitable for restoring the smile, dental ceramic is the one that stands out. It aims at meeting the esthetic and functional needs of patients seeking smile harmony, beauty and strength. This paper reports the rehabilitation of two clinical cases using lithium disilicate veneers (e.max, Ivoclar Vivadent). The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the possibility of restoring shape and function, highlighting esthetic features — such as color, translucency and opacity — presenting structural reliability, thereby pointing towards a great restorative alternative.

Esthetics, Ceramics, Dental prosthesis,

Annibelli RL, Nishimori LE, Corrêa GO, Silva CO, Progeante PS, Marson FC . Restabelecimento do sorriso utilizando facetas em dissilicato de lítio. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jan-mar;12(1):34-44.

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