The influence of agents used in at-home bleaching associated with storage time and temperature

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Edition V12N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Artigo Inédito | Pages 113 to 118

Fabiano Carlos Marson, Cleverson Oliveira e Silva, Bruna Karina Resende Cano, Halana Ingrid de Oliveira Lima, Matheus Mantovani

Objective / his study aimed to assess the decomposition of peroxide present in bleaching agents used for at-home bleaching, in association with storage time and temperature. / Methods / Six bleaching agents (n = 3) were selected: G1- Power Bleaching (10% carbamide peroxide [PC]); G2 – Clariant (10% PC); G3 – Power Bleaching (16% PC); G4 – Polanight (16% PC); G5 – Poladay (7.5% hydrogen peroxide [PH]) and G6 – Clariant (22% PC). All whitening kits analyzed in the study had no more than four months of manufacturing. After the material had been opened, the syringes containing the whitening gel were stored in an oven at 37 ºC (E ), on a shelf at 25 ºC (P) and in a refrigerator at 5 ºC ( G); and analyzed at initial time (T1 ), one month (T2 ), six months (T3 ) and twelve months later (T4 ). In order to assess the amount of peroxide, a titration method with potassium permanganate was used. / Results / ANOVA revealed statistical diference among all assessment and storage periods (P < 0.001), with higher peroxide degradation at T4 and storage 'E'. / Conclusion / he longer a bleaching agent is stored at high temperature, the greater the loss of peroxide concentration. hus, bleaching agents should be stored between 5 and 25 ºC. Tooth bleaching, Peroxide, Product storage,

Marson FC, Oliveira e Silva C, Cano BKR, Lima HIO, Mantovani M. Inluência dos agentes clareadores utilizados no clareamento caseiro, em relação ao tempo e à temperatura de armazenagem. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2015 jan-mar;12(1):113-8.

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