A systematic review on the long-term clinical performance of molten metallic cores and fi- ber glass posts.

Admin Dental Press

Edition V11N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Artigo Original | Pages 84 to 92

Clóvis Lamartine de Moraes Melo Neto, Giovani de Oliveira Corrêa, Sérgio Sábio

Introduction / Restoration of devitalized teeth with signiicant loss of structure carried out by means of iberglass posts has been increasingly widespread, particularly because elasticity of the latter is similar to that of dentin, which reduces stress on root canal walls. / Objective / To assess the cementation of glass iber posts with All Cem (FGM) resin cement performed by means of three diferent insertion techniques, in addition to assessing bond strength at diferent depths of the root canal. / Methods / he study comprised a total of 30 standardized bovine incisor roots divided into three groups (n = 10) in accordance with the technique of choice: Group 1 — Lentulo; Group 2 — Centrix; Group 3 — Post itself. he roots were taken to the cutting machine so as to obtain 1-mm thick slices subsequently submitted to push-out tests. Data were subjected to analysis of variance, with no statistically signiicant diferences found between the three methods assessed. Nevertheless, with regard to depth, there were diferences between the cervical and apical regions (P < 0.05). / Conclusion / he authors concluded that regardless of the resin cement insertion technique, the apical region is the most critical to achieve adhesion. Post and core technique, Random and systematic sampling, Prospective studies, Retrospective studies,

Melo Neto CLM, Corrêa GO, Sábio S. Revisão sistemática sobre o desempenho clínico em longo prazo de núcleos metálicos fundidos e pinos de fibra de vidro. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2014 out-dez;11(4):84-92.

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