Using digital smile planning as a subsidiary method to restore anterior dental esthetics: A case report.

Admin Dental Press

Edition V11N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 73 to 83

Queila Emille Santos de Oliveira, Carolina Baptista Miranda, Andressa Silva Fiuza Ribeiro

Cosmetic Dentistry continuously seeks to enhance the methods adopted to attain a pleasant smile. To this end, in addition to a good restorative technique, proper treatment planning is also rendered necessary so as to diagnose esthetic and functional issues associated or not with patient’s chief complaint. Based on this concept, an ingenious technique known as “smile digital planning” has been recently developed. his technique uses computer tools as well as intra and extraoral photographs with a view to collecting relevant information for smile reconstruction. Digital models allow the patient to better visualize potential reatment outcomes and state his opinion, adding his personal features to inal smile. Digital planning also provides multidisciplinary interaction and critical analysis during and/or after treatment, thereby making the choice for restorative technique easier. This study aims at reporting a case of multiple diastema closure carried out by means of composite resin. In this case, smile digital planning proved key to treatment success.

Planning, Dental esthetics, Diastema,

Oliveira QES, Miranda CB, Ribeiro ASF. Uso do planejamento digital do sorriso como ferramenta auxiliar no restabelecimento da estética dentária anterior: relato de caso. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2014 out- -dez;11(4):73-83

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