Influence of self-adhesive resin cement insertion method for fiber glass post cementation

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Edition V11N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Artigo Original | Pages 102 to 111

Flávia Gorino, Flávia Lucisano Botelho do Amaral, Fabiana Mantovani Gomes França, Cecília Pedroso Turssi, Roberta Tarkany Basting

Introduction / his study assessed diferent techniques for inserting self-adhesive resin cement into the root canal, particularly with regard to the bond strength of iber glass posts at diferent intracanal depths, failure mode and presence of porosities in the cement. / Methods / A total of 40 human premolar roots were prepared to receive iberglass posts cementation by means of diferent insertion techniques: insertion syringe; low-speed Lentulo spiral; Lentulo spiral used manually and iber post used for cement insertion. Cross sections from each root were obtained, corresponding to the cervical, middle and apical thirds of the roots, to perform the push-out, failure mode and presence of porosities tests. / Results / ANOVA and Tukey test (p < 0.05) revealed that, in the cervical region, the iber post used for cement insertion showed the highest bond strength, but it showed the lowest bond strength in the apical third when compared to the other methods. For the other methods, in the apical region, there was an increase in bond strength when compared to other groups. All groups showed less than half of total area of the cement with porosities, without signiicant diferences between techniques and thirds (Kruskal-Wallis < 0.05). / Conclusion / Bond strength was inluenced by the type of cement insertion technique as well as by root depth. he technique for introducing cement into the root canal and the diferent intracanal depths did not inluence cement porosity. Dentin-bonding agents, Resin cements, Post and core technique,

Gorino F, Amaral FLB, França FMG, Turssi CP, Basting RT. Influência do método de inserção de um cimento resinoso autoadesivo para cimentação de pinos de fibra. Rev Dental Press Estét. 2014 out-dez;11(4):102-11

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