José Scarso Filho

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Edition V08N03 | Year 2014 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 16 to 32

José Scarso Filho

April, 1996, Campinas, São Paulo. The irst specialization course on Implantodontics took place in Brazil under the coordination of Profs. Vicente de Souza and Carlos Alberto Dotto. The class was made up of students coming from all over the country, all of which were overjoyed for being approved in a selection process involving more than 80 applicants applying for 12 vacancies. All of us shared a common objective: Solve the mysteries of the new specialty. At that time, osseointegration surgery had not met the principles of prosthetic planning, and alveolar bone augmentation was a remote procedure. The literature was germinal and incipient, forcing us to conceive the “Clinical decision making and treatment planning in osseointegration” (Engelman MJ, 1996) as the international best-seller. This group had a special guest: José Scarso Filho. And he was indeed special: discreet and polite, he seemed to understand the feelings of anxiety and insecurity shared by his colleagues. He was young, but behaved as an experienced man. He would rather not be in the spotlight, perhaps for being shy, but he could not help it. He was charismatic and intelligent, and had extraordinary manual dexterity. At that time, he was an accurate and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who enjoyed talking about composite resin and prosthetic preparation. He was eager to acquire high-quality surgical instruments and made no savings when doing so. In fact, as soon as he was introduced to an innovation, be it in photography, information technology or Dentistry, he was keen to use it. He had a thirst for knowledge and had no limits in learning. A selftaught person, he humbly seemed to know everything. he end result was that, in no time, he became the leader of our group, a scientific reference to the group of which he was considered a student-professor. A few years later, Prof. Scarso (also known as Tuca) rose as one of the greatest promises in the field of Implantodontics. He contributed to the development of the new specialty all over Brazil, and left a valuable legacy of love and dedication to Dentistry and teaching, as well as great care for his patients.

Scarso Filho J. Interview with José Scarso Filho. Dental Press Implantol. 2014 July-Sept;8(3):16-32. DOI:

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