José Carlos Martins da Rosa

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Edition V08N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 12 to 29

Luis Rogério Duarte, Franklin Moreira Leahy

The interviewee of this issue is a highly respected professional of excellent reputation in modern Brazilian Dentistry.
He graduated from the Federal University of Santa Maria/RS (UFSM) in 1988; received his specialist degree from the Association of Dental Surgeons/Bauru – São Paulo (APCD) in 1991; and his specialist and Masters degree in Prosthesis from the Dental Research Center São Leopoldo Mandic/Campinas – São Paulo in 2005. At present, he is a PhD resident in Implantodontics also at São Leopoldo Mandic.
Our interviewee is the author of “Restauração dentoalveolar imediada — Implantes com carga imediata em alvéolos comprometidos” (Immediate dentoalveolar restoration – Immediately loaded implants in compromised sockets) issued by Ed. Santos in 2010. His book has also got a Spanish (2012) and an English version (2014). Furthermore, he has several articles published in outstanding national and international journals.
José Carlos Martins Rosa is from São Vicente do Sul, a little town located in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul. He is married to Ariádene Cristina Pértile Rosa who is also a dentist, his partner and contributor. According to Dr. Rosa, she is the active and essential author of the happiest moments of his professional and personal life. His wife is his balance.
His family and friends are responsible for a considerable portion of his emotional master pillar. For him, they are indispensable in his decision-making processes, as they always encourage him to move towards the correct direction.
Thus, Dental Press Implantology brings to the reader the outstanding profile of a young, competent talent of Brazilian Dentistry who also stands out for his polished civility and diplomatic genteelness not only in day-to-day social life, but also with those who are around him. Dr .Rosa is a strict professor and sensitive researcher. Methodical and organized, he is able to selectively identify and associate the skills that effectively contribute to add and multiply potential results.
He is the owner of an avant-garde dental center equipped with modern facilities strategically associated with important hospital resources planned with a view to working with excellence, biosafety and high technology. His clinic also has a center for professional enhancement and qualification consisting of an auditorium with integrated clinics for events, immersion courses, as well as study and research groups. Renowned professionals from all around the world have taught courses and given workshops at the dental center owned by Prof. Rosa.
In this interview, José Carlos Martins Rosa talks about the administrative vision and management model employed at the dental center he founded. Furthermore, he helps us understand the IDR protocol, a technique he strongly advocates.
He also talks about family, his greatest influences, the professors who inspired him, his publications, courses, and future plans. This interview is an interesting, productive and illustrated journey across human and scientific values that directly display the pathways of good example, simplicity, interest in research and deep love for everything that is done.
While talking about his plans for the future, Prof. Rosa mentions:
“…I intend to develop other projects inside and outside the field of Dentistry, activities that will contribute to our growth as human beings, helping people in need or difficulties. I intend to spend more time with my family, to be more present by giving and valuing the simplest things. I believe this is the essence of life. Life! God has bestowed on me so many good things! It is high time I gave it back…”.
We are certain that such gratitude is partially achieved by the generous sharing of information provided in the following pages.
Franklin Moreira Leahy

Rosa JCM. Interview with José Carlos Martins da Rosa. Dental Press Implantol. 2014 Jan-Mar;8(1):12-29.

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