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Edition V07N04 | Year 2013 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 10 to 23

Luis Rogério Duarte

Dr. Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz is Bolivian. He lives in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia, and speaks perfect, accentless Brazilian Portuguese.
He is widely known in Latin America for belonging to the group of professionals that comprise the New Generation Latin American Dental Seminars (SOLA NG) and the International Academy of Integral Dentistry. Nevertheless, Dr. Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz is especially known for leaving the mark of his high-quality work and extensive Integrated Dentistry knowledge wherever he gives courses and conferences, a result of the four specialization courses as well as Master’s and Doctorate’s courses taken in Brazil, and his eagerness to be updated in all fields of study.
His Master’s thesis in Implantodontics was evaluated by a renowned board of examiners consisted of Professors Dr. P-I Brånemark and Dr. Waldir Janson. On that occasion, his adviser Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone emphasized: “Guillermo has a very interesting global education. His multi and interdisciplinary integration makes him stand out from the crowd.”
Dr. Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz has received many awards as recognition of his work inside and outside his country. One of them was the Galardão Mexicano de Odontologia given by the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Dentistry as a recognition of his fatigueless effort at broadening scientific knowledge and his renowned professional expertise.
He is currently an honorary member of the Chilean Society of Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation and a founder member of the European Academy of Implant Dentistry.
A charismatic and excellent person, he considers Brazil as his second home.
Dr. Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz feels blessed and deeply thankful to Brazil for his successful achievements. He had the opportunity to study at excellent universities in Curitiba and Bauru where he met many renowned professors. He was also privileged to share experiences and have a close relationship with Dr. Per Ingvar Brånemark, the “discoverer” of osseointegration and titanium dental implants, during his Master’s course in Implantodontics.
His fluency in English allowed him to present his scientific researches at the University of Tufts (USA) and Gothenburg (Sweden), eternizing his lessons in journals and books overseas. He is deeply thankful for the lifelong and loyal friends he has made, and reveres his masters, particularly highlighting the professional example and advice given by his adviser Dr. Ado Francischone who was responsible for introducing him to Implantodontics.
It could be said that the professional career of Professor Dr. Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz has been extremely successful. It is clear that he does what he loves and is fully supported by his wife Maria Paula, a Brazilian dentist graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP) / Bauru. Such support is proportionally given by their three kids.
An interview with Dr. Luis Guillermo gives the reader an outstanding example of professionalism and personal life.
Luis Rogério Duarte

Paz LGP. Interview with Luis Guillermo Peredo Paz. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 Oct-Dec;7(4):10-23

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