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Edition V07N02 | Year 2013 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 8 to 24

Franklin Moreira Leahy

The current issue of Dental Press Implantology presents to its readers an interview with one of the most highly respected and important Brazilian professors in the Dentistry field. Due to his restrained behavior — especially for having been one of the editors-in-chief of this journal for many years — he resisted as much as he could to his colleagues’ recurrent requests as well as to the continuous attempts of this journal editorial board to highlight him in this section.
After participating in the 1st Meeting of Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone’s students and former students, held in the city of Campinas/SP — Brazil — in April of 2013, during which Dr. Francischone was interviewed by his former students at an auditorium for about an hour and a half, he finally agreed on having his interview, which was recorded upon his own authorization, used by this journal. It brings curious as well as valuable information of general interest related to the history of Brazilian Dentistry.
Born in the city of Dois Córregos, located in the countryside of São Paulo, Prof. Francischone — as he is widely known — has reported details of his academic success, revealing the trajectory of a humble Brazilian who is persistent in his aims and endowed with a strong personality, an acknowledged career and numerous gifts.
He has received a degree in Dentistry from the School of Dentistry — University of São Paulo/ Bauru, where he is a full professor due to his own merits, acknowledgement and competence. He has become a member of the Brazilian Dentistry Academy as a result of his achievements as a researcher and author of many books. He has advised more than 80 masters and doctors coming from many different states in Brazil as well as from different Latin American, European and African countries.
He is a dental surgeon in the very true sense of the term. He is considered a remarkable professor within the Dentistry field not only for teaching how things should be done, but mainly for practicing to the utmost degree what he teaches, with neither restriction nor omission of details, but for the pleasure of teaching. In addition, he is regarded as a professor endowed with desirable creativity and manual abilities to solve potential problems, complications or incidents occurring in daily clinical practice. Due to his wide experience in clinical practice and teaching, Dr. Francischone is able to perfectly reconcile theory and practice — always with the admirable humbleness of those who know all shortcuts and the best alternatives very well; in addition to knowing the most appropriate paths which have been presented to him by knowledge and experience acquired during 42 years of hard work.
With more than 200 articles published in scientific journals and more than 700 lectures and courses given inside and outside Brazil, he often goes around the world from one scientific event to another, being acknowledged worldwide as a respectful researcher.
Those who are privileged to have a close relationship with Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone can easily notice his indefatigable enthusiasm, peculiar to those who love their occupation. An extremely honest, sincere and righteous man who is absolutely fair with everyone around him, acknowledging those who deserve it.
Additionally, this interview presents his special interest in different sports as well as his passion for music — a hobby he has had for most of his life. Graduated in music at the Jauense Conservatory of Music, in 1967, he is the author of his city’s anthem, written in partnership with Heusner Grael Tablas and Carlos Nascimento (a well-known Brazilian journalist). His family is definitely his greatest source of renewing positive energy, giving him emotional stability. He is married to Ana Luiza, father of Carlos Eduardo Júnior (dentist), Ana Carolina (dentist) and Fabricio (physician). He is also happy and proud to be little Lucca’s grandfather.
Hereinbelow, we present a written record of what has just been mentioned in this brief introduction.
Franklin Moreira Leahy

Francischone CE. Interview with Carlos Eduardo Francischone. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 Apr-June;7(2):8-24.

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