Alberto Consolaro

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Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Entrevista | Pages 6 to 18

Franklin Moreira Leahy, Luis Rogério Duarte

Profession: PROFESSOR. According to the definition found in the Aurélio Portuguese language dictionary, professor is the person who professes or teaches a science, an art, a technical discipline; a master. All these features are deeply rooted to the profile and history of the interviewee in this edition of Dental Press Implantology, Professor Dr. Alberto Consolaro.
He is Brazilian, born in the city of Araçatuba, São Paulo, and comes from a very poor family of farm workers of Italian descent. The third of four brothers, all of them very studious. His father, a carpenter by trade, even from very humble origins and little education, had inside him a certainty very well grounded in life experience and intuitive wisdom of those who carve the future of the family with fair dealing, honesty and sweat of their own face. Of those who wants the best for the future of their children. Those who definitely learned, with daily labor, to transform adverse conditions and big difficulties in solid and fruitful lessons! Convinced, he insisted daily, in prophetic tone and repeating a mantra, that it was necessary and fundamental “… to study hard to be someone and succeed in life!”. Professor Consolaro, besides having completely assimilated these teachings, has exaggerated, for luck and delight of those who know him well and enjoy their conviviality.
A man of surprising escalation in the academic sphere. Graduated in Dentistry (Unesp/Araçatuba), specialist (CFO), associate professor and doctor (USP), full professor (FOB-USP) and post-graduation professor (FORP-USP). Features of restless, curious, exciting and participatory are essential to any researcher of quality. Our interviewee is of remarkable generosity in eclectically sharing knowledge and, as few, of recognized capacity to convey scientific content in different areas of knowledge. In lectures, congresses or crowded classrooms within universities as a visiting professor, or supervisor of dissertations and theses, writing books or scientific articles, Dr. Consolaro shows always constant joy and enthusiasm of those who continue renewing himself, learning, studying and pleasantly dedicating the dynamic and fascinating art of teaching!
In the following pages, the reader can assess the answers given to several questions asked by professors in different locations in Brazil and South American countries – mostly ex-students of the professor himself – on controversial and general interest subjects related to Odontology, Implantology, academic formation, higher education in Brazil, Internet and computerization in education, teaching and many other subjects in which he moves with the recognized and usual easiness, efficiency and didacticism. In these responses, he confesses: “My dreams have always gone through teaching and research. To learn how to communicate well with words, postures and images were tools that I had to minimally dominate to be a good professor. “
The author of “Cárie Dentária: Histopatologia e Correlações Clínico-Radiográficas”, “Reabsorções Dentárias nas Especialidades Clínicas”, “O Ser Professor”, “Controvérsias em Ortodontia e Atlas de Movimentação Dentária” and “Inflamação e Reparo”, in addition to numerous scientific papers published in national and foreign journals, is also the newest acquisition to compose the editorial board of journal Dental Press Implantology, joining forces with Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone and other collaborators, adding even more competence, creativity, quality and scientific ambience. This subject is also part of this interview.

Consolaro A. Entrevista. Alberto Consolaro. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Jan-Mar;6(1):6-18.

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