Semi-Direct Composite Restorations

Admin Dental Press

Issue V17N03 | Year 2020 | Editorial Highlights | Pages 8 to 22

Lucas Silveira Machado and Rodolfo Bruniera Anchieta

In this new edition of the Highlights section, we will address a novelty theme in terms of restorative techniques. Information was sought regarding composite resin restorations using the semi-direct technique. The semi-direct restoration technique allows for some benefi ts with regard to making the restoration and the clinical time with the patient. Perhaps the main advantage of the semi-direct technique is based on the fact that the restoration can be performed in a single clinical session, by the dentist himself, without the need to send the model to be made in the prosthetic laboratory. On the other hand, contact with the patient is reduced only to the time necessary for preparation, molding and cementation. However, like any novelty, we need relevant arguments for the use of the technique by the clinician, such as which are the best resins to be used, which is the best impression technique, which preparation principles should we adopt, which best casting technique to obtain of models, what is the best adhesive strategy for these situations, and what is the longevity of these restorations.

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