The responsibility of a major challenge

Admin Dental Press

Edition V08N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 6 to 7

Waldemar D, Polido

With feelings of deep excitement and major responsibility, I step forward as the head of a journal that plays a major role in Brazilian Dentistry: Dental Press Implantology.
A journal that had as editors-in-chief some of the icons of Brazilian and international Dentistry, such as Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone and Dr. Maurício Araújo, lays responsibilities of massive proportions.
I took my first steps in Implantodontics in 1991, when I entered into the Master’s program of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery after my residency in the USA. Since then, I have had Dr. Laércio Vasconcelos and Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Francischone’s support. They opened me the doors to Implantology and let me work side by side with Prof. P-I Brånemark, the founder of osseointegration and with whom I had the golden opportunity to have a close relationship as a friend and as a learner. Prof. Francischone has always stimulated research, science and scientific evidence — areas in which I have great interest. These areas are part of my daily routine and, undoubtedly, have contributed to raise personal as well as professional affinity, which allowed me to be remembered for the position I occupy at present.
Prof. Francischone’s participation as an emeritus editor is key to Dental Press Implantology success. He works in partnership with another emeritus editor, my friend and colleague Maurício Araújo, an internationally renowned professor and researcher who, without a doubt, is the most noticeable name in Brazilian as well as international Dentistry nowadays. His publications are significantly cited as reference in modern Implantodontics, and have changed the way we treat our patients. I have had the opportunity to have a close relationship with Dr. Maurício, learning and admiring one of the most requested speakers around the world. I am sure that, as an emeritus editor, he will also devote some of his time, knowledge and experience to help us strength Dental Press Implantology.
Ever since its first issue, Implantology has excelled at high-quality design, modern layout and easy flow. The invitation made by Prof. Dr. Laurindo Furquim (Dental Press publisher), and the opportunity to work with a family, but extremely competent and professional company, were major stimuli that encouraged me to accept the position. I hope to meet all the trust Dr. Laurindo and his team have placed on me, and I promise to work hard and devote myself to meet the expectations of the invitation!
This new challenge brings along change and renewal. I deeply thank the editorial board of this journal and hope they keep on contributing and submitting papers. Nevertheless, we recognize the need to “oxygenate” the group by incorporating other colleagues not only from Brazil, but from all around the world, all of which will certainly share their experiences and contribute to increase the quality of Implantology. I henceforth thank the new associate editors and editorial consultants for their eagerness and immediate response to my invitation.
The first issue of 2014 remains similar to previous issues. However, significant changes will be implemented from the second issue on, with new sections, new assistant editors, stronger international contribution and new layout.
I deeply thank all the trust on me placed and I hope you keep on enjoying Dental Press Implantology!

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