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Edition V07N04 | Year 2013 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 5 to 5

Carlos Eduardo Francischone

The opportunity and privilege of being the editor of this journal for seven years, following those who expected its publication with great interest and worked hard to develop a journal of which high quality, not only in terms of display, but also content, has been proved within a short period of time, certainly give me the freedom to assert that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.
Interacting with friendly and active experts, professors and researchers, assimilating their knowledge and experience, and connecting with advanced technology companies that bring news of the global dental market, created an opportunity to link with modernity of which Implantology, always combined with other specialties, is enfolded.
Dental Press Implantology, published in Brazilian Portuguese and English, is currently indexed in BBO, LILACS, EBSCO, Ulrichsweb and Latindex. It offers more than 3,000 pages of excellence in reading, study and research published in the form of 190 articles, 25 interviews and other reference sections.
Congratulations to the always active and engaged team that has worked on the development of this journal. They are also responsible for achieving the objectives set in the first issue available since early 2007, in which it is emphasized that biological bases and scientific researches is what lays the foundation for good periodontists and implantologists.
With a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of pride at acknowledging that this journal has gradually occupied a unique position in national and international specialized literature as a result of an unceasing search for the best way to meet the demand for serious studies that deal with up-to-date themes, I exchange my position as an editor for that of a reader who can enjoy and celebrate the expressive approaches, results and contributions offered by this journal.
Different matters and projects have been implemented over the years, enriching the journal with new views on biomaterial and oral rehabilitation techniques. Moreover, the journal has offered up-to-date and motivating articles to professors, specialists, students and researchers, demonstrating that modern Dentistry requires its subareas to interconnect in order to establish a sensible and consistent practice that meets ethical and moral standards and embraces broad and up-to-date knowledge.
From this issue on, I end my contribution as the editor of this journal — but only as one of the editors. I believe that others may and must succeed those who took the first steps to accomplish this mission. My contribution remains as I continue to be one of the effective supporters of Dental Press Implantology, a journal that, in seven years of existence, has become a reference of content, proving that science and technology are strongly interconnected with progress, given that technology applies the knowledge produced by science.
I am certain that new accomplishments and challenges will come, and I believe that the key to success is searching and working to serve and accomplish.
My most sincere gratitude to all!

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