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Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 5 to 5

Carlos Eduardo Francischone, Alberto Consolaro

On this line, and starting in 2012, Dental Press IMPLANTOLOGY brings the experience and the scientific charm of Prof. Dr. ALBERTO CONSOLARO, invited to be editor of the journal. Especially interested in teaching, he wants especially to transmit the importance of education in different life stages and the need of deepening and later transfer of this range of knowledge for the scientific community in general. He plays his role brilliantly in the institutions to which he is linked, making clear in his interview – conducted by the assistant editors LUIZ ROGÉRIO DUARTE and FRANKLIN LEAHY — his ideas and opinions filled with modern, controversial and practically delineator content of achievements still sought.
This publication presents a new item, “Observatory”, which will enable access to current subjects treated in journals with international circulation, along with subjects addressed here by renowned professors and researchers, which, as always, are of high quality, science and practice.
Continuing the feature introduced in the previous edition, the content is presented, on Internet, in English, which represents a further reference to our journal, in addition to all the contemplated and highlighted sections.
Dental Press IMPLANTOLOGY is, therefore, being offered from this exercise with maturity and we believe that in its five volumes, got to demonstrate that the aim and objectives which have been proposed are being achieved, not only by the efforts of the whole team involved, but also receptivity from those who militate in the area, which has brought the subsidies needed to develop increasingly intense and responsible of this board of dental literature.

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