Stem cells for bone reconstruction in sinus lifting

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Edition V08N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 40 to 51

André Antonio Pelegrine, Rafael de Mello e Oliveira, Thiago Altro de Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Sorgi da Costa, Antonio Carlos Aloise

Abstract / Introduction: The demand for bone reconstruction in oral rehabilitation has been growing substantially. However, patients willing to undergo reconstructive surgery want less invasive procedures with less postoperative morbidity. Less invasive bone reconstruction techniques have used bone substitutes to achieve these objectives. Nevertheless, recent studies about tissue engineering have demonstrated that stem cells, in combination with bone grafts, may potentially improve the biological characteristics of grafting material.
Objective: To describe a clinical case of sinus elevation using autologous bone marrow aspirate resulting from the isolation of a bone marrow mononuclear fraction combined with Bio-Oss.
Results: Five months after the combined grafting procedure (Bio-Oss + bone marrow stem cells), bone biopsies were harvested during implant placement surgery. Histological images revealed a large amount of vital mineralized tissue for a 5-month postoperative time.
Conclusion: The clinical use of bone marrow mononuclear fraction combined with Bio-Oss — a xenogeneic bone substitute — in maxillary sinus elevation seems to result in good bone repair and shorter healing time.

Stem cells, Bone transplant, Dental implants, Osseointegration, Bone marrow,

Pelegrine AA, Mello e Oliveira R, Oliveira TA, Costa CES, Aloise AC. Stem cells for bone reconstruction in sinus lifting. Dental Press Implantol. 2014 Jan-Mar;8(1):40-51.

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