Immediate implant in inter-radicular septum area: Case report

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Edition V07N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 84 to 89

Juan Felipe Dumes Montero, Bernardo Born Passoni, Mariela Francisco Machado Rosa, Artur Breno Wanderley Alécio, César Augusto Magalhães Benfatti

Introduction: The purpose of rehabilitation after tooth loss is the optimal healing of soft tissues around the prosthesis so that an adequate emergence profile can be achieved. Excessive handling of these tissues may be avoided by using existing bone.
Objective: This case report describes the atraumatic extraction of a fractured mandibular first molar and the immediate placement of an implant in the inter-radicular septum.
Methods: The atraumatic technique and the immediate placement of the implant preserved hard and soft tissues in the extraction site.
Results: The patient had no clinical evidence of complications, the definitive implant-supported prosthesis was immediately placed. The adaptation of peri-implant tissues was satisfactory; function and comfort were restored, and, above all, tissues were preserved.

Mandible, Dental implants, Tooth extraction,

Montero JFD, Passoni BB, Rosa MFM, Alécio ABW, Benfatti CAM. Immediate implant in inter-radicular septum area: Case report. Dental Press Implantol. 2013 July-Sept;7(3):84-9.

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