Switching platform on esthetic area: Case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 93 to 103

Veronica Beltran Clavijo, Fernando Rodrigues Pinto, Guilherme da Gama Ramos, Danilo Lazzari Ciotti, Leonardo Buso

The cervical bone remodeling around implants with conventional platform, known as saucerization, may compromise the maintenance of peri-implant hard and soft tissues, leading to esthetic impairments such as recessions and/or loss of papillae. The concept of platform switching with an inner placement of the implant-abutment junction, increasing the distance between bone and prosthetic platform, seems to minimize and/or block this bone resorption. The present paper has the purpose of presenting a clinical case report of previous esthetic rehabilitation using a platform switching implant associated to peri-implant plastic resources and peri-implants prosthesis that would maximize the final result. The clinical and radiographic results show preservation of proximal bone crest and papillae, maintenance of the soft tissue thickness and appropriate final esthetic result. Choosing implants with these characteristics of platform switching may be favorable in esthetic areas.

Implants, Tooth structure, Prosthesis, Supporting tooth, Bone resorption,

Clavijo VB, Pinto FR, Ramos GG, Ciotti DL, Buso L. Switching platform on esthetic area: case report. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Oct-Dec;6(4):93-103.

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