Surgical maxillary expansion anchored on dental implants: Case report

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Edition V06N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 76 to 85

Marcelo de Wallau, Carlos Fernando R, Cardoso, João Batista Burzlaff

One of the most common transverse discrepancies and a frequent dentofacial abnormality is the transverse maxillary deficiency. Rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is the indicated treatment in these cases, but satisfactory anchorage is difficult to obtain in partially edentulous adult patients, which is a frequent contraindication for this type of orthodontic treatment. This study reviewed previous researches about surgically assisted methods of orthopedic expansion of the maxilla using dental implants as anchorage, and described a clinical case, in which two titanium implants were placed in the edentulous segment and a Hyrax expander was cemented to the provisional crowns, following a protocol described in the literature. Titanium implants remained stable and osseointegrated when forces were applied, which suggests that they may be suitable for orthodontic anchorage and support for maxillary expansion.

Orthodontic anchorage, Dental implants, Rapid maxillary expansion,

Wallau M, Cardoso CFR, Burzlaff JB. Surgical maxillary expansion anchored on dental implants: case report. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Oct-Dec;6(4):76-85.

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