Accidental implant displacement into maxillary sinus

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Edition V06N03 | Year 2012 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 91 to 96

Christiano Sampaio Queiroz, Bruno Botto de Barros da Silveira, Carlos Henrique Silveira de Castro, José Augusto T, de Britto Oliveira Junior, Maurício Antonio Valença Araújo, Danilo Matos, Dario Augusto Oliveira Miranda

Introduction: The oral rehabilitation practice using dental implants have developed over the past thirty years. Like any technique, implant dentistry is subject to complications that often arise from professional inexperience, technical factors related to implant placement, the need for additional procedures and patient-related factors. Despite the large number of implants placed today, migration of an implant into the maxillary sinus is a rare complication. There are several techniques to correct it and it is up to the professional to choose the one that best suits the patient. Objective: This paper aims to report a case of accidental displacement of an implant into the maxillary sinus. Conclusions: Proper planning is the best tool to avoid such complications. It would be wise on the part of the dentist to constantly seek to improve their professional skills and knowledge in order to attain complete mastery of the theoretical and practical forms of prevention, as well as specific conducts and treatments.

Dental Implants, Oral rehabilitation, Maxillary sinus,

Queiroz CS, Silveira BBB, Castro CHS, Oliveira Junior JATB, Araújo MAV, Matos D, Miranda DAO. Accidental implant displacement into maxillary sinus. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 July-Sept;6(3):91-6.

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