Rehabilitation with total fixed prosthesis on unfavorably positioned implants in maxilla: Case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 44 to 52

Franklin Moreira Leahy

The contemporary Implantology associated with dental prosthesis, provides various and very well substantiated alternatives for resolution of the most varied and critical situations in the dental clinic. These conditions naturally tend to be grouped into classifications extensively investigated and already enshrined in the international literature, considering, inclusively the importance of results continuously revealed by scientific evidence in this wide context. Within very well defined limits, it is feasible the indication and possibility of reutilization of unfavorable installed implants, as the starting point for another prosthetic planning. A new surgery to remove them and later install implants into supposedly ideal positions considering the resources available today, it may even be more logical or recommended, but not always technically possible, without having more complex procedures being required, adding greater discomfort, morbidity, taking longer for finalization. Considering all possible aspects which may involve the patient and the presented problem, together with the consistency of a more conservative approach in the planning of any treatment, causes the boldness and impetuosity inherent to knowledge of the innovative or cutting-edge, even if consecrated techniques, merge providentially with prudence and calibrated restraint in the field of interpretive treatments, resulting in significant benefits for patients. This article reports a case that illustrates this combination of analytical expectations. It brings together science, consciousness and experience. It merges theory and practice, combined with the expectation of good sense and good prognosis.

Unfavorable implants position, Implant supported prostheses, Unfavorable inclined implants,

Leahy FM. Reabilitação com prótese total fixa sobre implantes desfavoravelmente posicionados em maxila: relato de caso. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Jan-Mar;6(1):44-52.

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