Peripheral ossifying fibroma related to Class II furcation defects in upper molar: Clinical case report

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Edition V06N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Caso Clínico | Pages 103 to 109

Karina Giovanetti, Ana Regina Oliveira Moreira, Mauro Pedrine Santamaria, Enilson Antonio Sallum, Jacks Jorge Junior

Background: Peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) is a hyperplastic inflammatory reaction that occurs exclusively on gingiva and affects women. Recurrence is not uncommon and the presence of severe periodontitis increases the recurrence risk because sites with furcation involvement or bone defects may complicate the total lesion removal. This paper aims to report a case of POF associated to a class II furcation in a patient with periodontitis.
Case report: Female patient, 58 years old, with recurrence of gingival tissue growth, which had been excised 6 months earlier and diagnosed as POF. The lesion presented as an asymptomatic nodular mass in the posterior maxilla, non-ulcerated, erythematous, sessile, firm and non-tender. Clinical examination also showed presence of periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic diseases. At the lesion site was present probing depth of 9 mm, bleeding on probing and Class II furcation defect. Surgical resection and meticulous scaling and root planing were performed, taking care to completely exscind the lesion. There was no recurrence of the lesion one year later, with improvement in health clinical parameters, such as reduction in probing depth to 3 mm, no bleeding on probe, clinical attachment level gain and furcation closure.
Conclusion: Within the limits of this case report, it can be concluded that when POF occurs concurrently with a furcation involvement, because of its anatomical features, it represents a challenge for clinicians and increases the recurrence risk.

Ossifying fibroma, Periodontitis, Periodontal attachment loss,

Giovanetti K, Moreira ARO, Santamaria MP, Sallum EA, Jorge Junior J. Fibroma ossificante periférico associado a defeito de furca Classe II em molar superior: relato de caso clínico. Dental Press Implantol. 2012 Jan- -Mar;6(1):103-9.

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